Georgina Cooper Nambour Christian College (Woombye)
Rosie Campbell Mixed media
Mixed media on canvas.


I was inspired by Hannah Hoch's use of unrelated images to create a meaningful "whole". Like that of her "Indian Dancer", my work contains a central figure surrounded by photographic images. The concept of the eye became central to the subject and I felt inspired to make use of an image of my own ancestor, Rosie Campbell, of the Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) people. This holds personal meaning to me as, through my artwork, I am encouraging people to consider their history and heritage by exposing my own.


The collaged images were cut from various popular contemporary magazines and some old history books salvaged from roadside collection piles. They depict icons that either directly or implicitly portray typical Australian cliches and misrepresentations such as the line of beer bottles in the lower left corner paralleled by colonial depictions of natives in the lower right corner. The images of the white man "boxing with" the kangaroo emphasises this fight between what Australia really is and what defines it.


Georgina Cooper

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