Elizabeth Phinn Kirwan State High School
Capturing Emotion Mixed Media
Eight A4 mixed media artworks on paper.


My focus for this folio was people; specifically facial expressions and emotional portraiture. I explored facial expressions through my own personal lenses. For the folio I chose to focus on my personal lens, and use different media to portray my expression and techniques. The focus on emotional portraiture is used in a personal context because it has meaning to me. I wanted to display how I view my friend’s emotions and the energy he creates and what it means to me.


My folio has been influenced by Ivana Besevic and Johannes Vermeer who explores extremely detailed artwork that captures strong emotion. The main idea is that emotion is clearly captured through facial expressions. Ivana Besevic’s way of capturing emotions and Johannes Vermeer’s detailed artworks inspired me to create portraits with strong emotion and details. I connected my idea to an image of my friend by portraying his disappointed emotion. I used gouache to capture a soft tone, I did this by slowly building up the colours and pulling out greens and yellows in the skin.


Elizabeth Phinn

Elizabeth Phinn (known to her peers as 'Lizzie') has studied Visual Art throughout her schooling years. Lizzie is passionate about all forms of artistic exploration, as well as using art to raise awareness about issues of global and local concern. Lizzie enjoys experimenting with a range of art media and has skilfully honed her skills in illustration over the past two years.