Jasmine Matai Kilcoy State High School
Suspended Peace Mixed media
28 x A5 abstract, mixed media landscape paintings strung together in a 4x7 panel curtain.


Knowledge is based on personal experiences. Through interaction with places, we can gain knowledge and share our personal experiences. My work, Suspended Peace explores my personal experience with the ocean and how I cherish the memories I have with this environment. Each panel of Suspended Peace has different coloured water to represent the ocean during different times of the day. The colourful, calm swirls portraying water which contrasts the jagged silver forms mimicing the harsh breaking waves on the golden shoreline. Together the panels create a barrier against reality through a wall of serene memories.


I have translated my knowledge of place through artistic symbols. In particular, I have explored representations of my experience of the ocean using pattern and colour to portray feelings of timelessness, serenity and calm. I have applied layered gouache to represent the transparency and varied depth of the ocean. While the organic, bold lines contrast to represent the strength of the waves and harshness of the land.


Jasmine Matai

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