Ainslea Duggan Urangan State High School
Typical Walk Home Drawing
Digital image


The backstory of this piece was that a monster would form and gradually follow behind the person it ‘belongs’ to, representing their condition. The closer they got, the worse the person’s condition was. The kid in the artwork is growing visibly afraid of the monster following so closely. In the work, I wanted there to be a juxtaposition of typical suburban neighbourhood - green lawns, footpaths - and an unnatural-looking monster walking through it. Seeing this normal-looking setting with an inhuman monster causes a sense unrest, as does the chromatic aberration that only exists around the monster.


A rough sketch of the characters and background was created. The characters were then lined and filled in with flat colour. Textures and shadows were added gradually and the lighting matched to suit the intended mood.


Ainslea Duggan

I am an 18-year-old artist that uses digital programs and pen tablets to create my artworks. I enjoy drawing humans and humanoids, and using bright, vivid colours, both for aesthetic appeal and for conveying strong emotions. In my art you will often see sharp, angular lines and interesting effects like comic halftone dots and hatching, as it is a personal aesthetic that I really enjoy using. Manga and comics are a big influence in my works. Unlike a lot of digital works, I sketch and colour much in the same way as traditional drawings.