Jay Jay Maken Blackheath and Thornburgh College (Charters Towers)
Stap strong Drawing and sculpture
Three drawing with coloured pencils and textas and one clay sculpture with acrylic paint.


Stap Strong is inspired by my cultural heritage from East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG). I am combining traditional PNG culture and western culture to make a comment on how western culture is infiltrating PNG and we are losing our heritage to capitalist forces. The characters are used as a representation of male businessmen who come into PNG seeking to manipulate the people to hand over their resources and land. My colours are inspired by Western Pop Art combined with traditional patterning and face masks. I seek to raise awareness of the need to preserve traditional PNG culture.


I chose to do three drawings to explore a variety of imagery and because it’s my preferred style of art and I feel that I can portray a clearer message through drawings. I also chose to make my artwork out of clay which makes it look more realistic and intimidating.


Jay Jay Maken

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