Meghan Starke Grace Lutheran College (Rothwell)
The Fortress Video
Stop motion animation, video and digital manipulation.


This work is an exploration and exposure of the hidden layers of the urban environment. I was interested in representing the unexpected world that is hidden from plain sight. The idea of the fortress is that there are layers inside one another that make the whole. The urban environment can be seen symbolically as a fortress and I wanted to deconstruct this and explore the layers beneath the surface in order to change the way people see the urban environment. The 4D work aims to crack open the walls of the fortress to let people peek in and see underneath.


Digital photographs were deconstructed and use into small installation. The shards of the original photo segments were then reconfigured to make a new representation of the original urban environment. During this process the idea to stop animate the pieces coming to form a whole developed. The idea of resolving the final work as stop animated video came into being and combined all facets of the art making stages and processes- collage deconstruction and reconstruction, video installation and stop animation. The final result is the fortress.


Meghan Starke

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