Emma Booth St Columban's College (Caboolture)
Yul-yan-man Painting
Encaustic wax and ink on board


This piece explores the Glasshouse Mountains, which I view from my home on Bribie Island, through a contemporary and cultural context. I was influenced by the stories in ancestral Dreamtime of the Gubbi Gubbi people. This piece evokes the sense of belonging, the importance of place and people’s connection to land. The incised texture and natural hues of colour help to create this non-traditional landscape. Each symbolic Mountain, represented in wax is specific to its size and positioned relative to its location on a map.


I researched the indigenous dreamtime stories surrounding the local landscape of the Glasshouse Mountains. I used a series of topographic maps to map out the landscape of the Glasshouse Mountains, creating a non-traditional landscape painting of an aerial view of the mountains. I applied melted encaustic wax to the board and used a hacksaw blade to carve the circles into the wax that represent the mountains, inspired by my topographical map research. I then applied ink to the wax, working it into the textures with a brush and my hands.


Emma Booth

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