Ziqi Wang Genesis Christian College (Bray Park)
Perception Drawing
Perception is a black-and-white graphite drawing that depicts a cluster of pedestrians and their subject of concern.


Perception captures a snapshot of city life as the first wave of pedestrians head for the streets. The caricature faces of the individuals are exposed to the familiar city, the stimulus for their behaviour. The vision of the individuals is displaced; the light shining from the eyes shows what they see and what they choose to see. While the children have a sense of blissful wonder, they are limited by their naivety and fragility. On the other hand, the adults must choose the bonds of society. However, neither can be completely free as freedom opposes order of the society.


The artwork is inspired by John Brack and his Collins Street 5 pm (1955). The artwork uses caricatures and exaggerated facial features to show their perception and priority. Collins Street Crossing was used as a reference for the background of the image and set on a high ground perspective. A combination of dark shades of graphite and black coloured pencil was used to construct shadows and shade. Black and white colors were used to provide a minimalistic palette and the outline shading to create form to emphasize the tired eyes and hollow cheeks.


Ziqi Wang

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