Caitlin Kearney Lourdes Hill College (Hawthorne)
Precipice Oil Painting
One canvas, oil on canvas


I have depicted myself in my childhood bedroom – a place of safety and security – in the transition between childhood and adulthood, which is a time that is challenging enough without a monumental shift to the way in which the world operates. My artwork explores how swiftly an imagined vision of the future can be shaken, how delicately the balance between hope and fear exists. The way my expectations of what lies before me have been shifted irrevocably by the changes of this year at times has me desperately clinging to the last comforts and certainties of my childhood.


I photographed myself in my childhood bedroom, creating contrasting light upon myself in the image by projecting two coloured light sources onto the composition. Several photographed images were compiled to capture maximum detail. I then painted the image, exaggerating the colours of the original photograph to evoke a more emotional response.


Caitlin Kearney

I have been interested in portraiture for much of my high school years. After school, I intend to study law and arts at university, having discovered that I require art as a form of personal release and emotional expression as opposed to a sole career pursuit; however, I am passionate about continually developing my artistic skills. I paint not only for individual reasons, but for what I can communicate to others – there is nothing more beautiful than creating artworks which are the catalyst for a shared viewing experience, often by people who otherwise have little in common.