Cate Dening Genesis Christian College (Bray Park)
Self Portrait Photograph
Self Portait is a series of five digitally manipulated photographs that depict myself in a range of emotional states.


Self Portrait represents the roller-coaster of emotions that came with a time of feeling emotionally strained. This photographic series depicts a range of states encountered during a time of high stress and rapid change. The placement of my hands, expression on my face and position of my head in each respective photograph represents feelings of frustration, loneliness, despondency, dejection and liability.


I investigated the way in which Laurence Demaison, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh use self-portraits to represent their emotional states through the distortion of their appearance. I decided to take my own self portraits in a milk bath to represent different a range of emotional states that I have felt in my own life. After I photographed myself, I decided to use a layering effect in Photoshop to distort my image, heightening the feelings of angst, depression and fear felt in each state.


Cate Dening

Cate Dening is a Year 11 student at Genesis Christian College who only commenced studying the subject of Visual Art this year. Coming from an extensive performing arts background, Cate has found her feet quickly in this subject, especially enjoying the media of photography and how it feels to preserve real moments in time and creating a deeper meaning through the editing process. She particularly enjoys self-portraiture as she feels capturing each photo is another form of performance. In her spare time, Cate enjoys reading poetry, listening to music, spending time with friends and travelling.