Poppy Kaminski Sandgate District State High School
Regeneration Installation
Sculptural still life arrangement with oil paintings arranged in a boxed display accompanied by photograph sequence for wall display


Australia was on fire in 2019. ‘Regeneration’ is my response to that devastation of the natural environment. Using the vanitas tradition of still life, I explore nature’s capacity for eternity in the face of such devastation. Black clay against soft, draped velvet, photographed employing chiaroscuro technique, suggest death and regeneration - both evident in the Australian bush. I hope to raise consciousness by portraying the contrast between the vibrant beauty of nature and the devastation of climate change. I challenge audiences to consider their own contribution to climate change. How can you reduce your impact to help protect the


How do artists use flora to express personal values in their connection to the environment? Traditional vanitas genre has been appropriated and manipulated to convey 21st century concerns about climate change and Australian nature's ability to adapt to the country's harsh environmental conditions. Through vanitas inspired photography, themes, and still life display, I invite the audience to reflect upon their own contributions to climate change whether positive or negative.


Poppy Kaminski

Visual Art has always been my favourite subject to study at school allowing me to have a creative escape to a place where I learn more about myself and the world. Art has been my first l.ove for as long as I can remember. I take it with me wherever I go