Paloma Jacobsen St Aidan's Anglican Girls School (Corinda)
Shelter Photograph
2 digital prints of student emerging from her botanically-derived construction made from found bushland detritus.


Shelter explores the potential functionality of nature's detritus. Shelter is a universal need and often acts to define people's socio-economic status. I wanted to give detritus a new significance and a 'new life' by shaping and manipulating it into a protective, cocoon-like shelter. The primary purpose of shelter is to create a safe and protective environment for life to flourish within. I became the person in the cocoon being sheltered, emerging with its completion. I wanted to interrogate the idea of 'new growth' from waste material. This work was inspired by the structures of Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler.


Student created large structure from Nature's waste found in nearby bushland. She used wire for underlying structure. She was then photographed emerging from the structure and she then photoshopped her images.


Paloma Jacobsen

Growing up on leafy acreage my childhood has been spent surrounded by nature in all its manifestations. I have always been intrigued by the ever-changing qualities of the natural world and have fortunately had the opportunity to observe and interact with it. My awareness of flowers and plants has also been influenced by my mother, who as a florist has inspired my love of the botanical and encouraged my explorations.