Hope Ahcheen Mountain Creek State High School
Flourish and Beauty Drawing
Two mandalas with floral motifs created with pen, acrylic paint and gold ink on paper


Flourish and Beauty is a diptych which explores natural symmetry and beauty by incorporating floral imagery into a mandala. The stylised representations, use of vibrant colours and additions of gold seek to reflect the aesthetic appeal of flowers and draw on notions of grandeur, referencing the decorative purposes for which flowers are often used. This integration of flora into a mandala is also a means of communicating the continuity of flowers and the ornamental values that they possess, much like how Dutch still-life artist Ambrosius Bosschaert sought to reflect Dutch prosperity through floral imagery.


The mandala begins with a simple grid, forming the basic symmetrical structure. After compiling some photographs of local flowers, I then began to manipulate these to inspire the use of patterns and colours in my work. As I continued to draw the mandala in fine-tip pen, these patterns and stylised interpretations of the flowers were incorporated into the design, culminating in the addition of colour using acrylic paint. In order to refine the work, I then went over some of the lines with a fine-tip pen and added details with three-dimensional paint in order to further embellish the work.


Hope Ahcheen

From a young age, I have been passionate about art and creating in general. This has led to the development of skills throughout the years, with my particular interest being creating mandalas and symmetrical pieces. With this being said, over the last few years I have been enjoying experimenting with various media and conceptual ideas, pushing my practice further throughout my studies as a visual art student. In addition, I have also been blessed with the opportunity to sell my work through my own online business and have been fortunate enough to create commission pieces for clients overseas.