Charlie Thompson Mountain Creek State High School
Inside-Out Painting
Self portrait, acrylic paint on four wooden panels attached to backing board.


Is who we are on the outside, really who we are on the inside? Inside-Out explores self-identity. An image of myself sits proud of a wooden board, the panels slightly separated, suggesting the distance to go before uniting the perfect picture, yet still connected. An image of a little girl is painted on the backing board, made with scratchy, child-like lines, representing my child-self, and the person I wish to leave behind. This painting symbolises my journey to becoming the boy I am meant to be, my past identity will always be a distant, but a key part of me.


I first took an image of myself, enlarging it and then splitting it into four for each wooden panel. I then painted a galaxy-type background onto the four panels in shades of purple with red and blue before painting each part of my portrait onto them. Each panel was evenly placed on wooden blocks over a larger individual backboard, adorned with a greyscale galaxy and a scratchy image of a child in white acrylic paint, contrasting against the four brightly coloured panels.


Charlie Thompson

In my recent years of art-making I’ve become passionate in creating pieces based around my identity and transformation through gender-reassignment as well as the changes the experience has brought for me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Having my entire perspective on life and my own identity change so rapidly and so significantly has drastically impacted my art making over time, giving my art a more deep and personal meaning which I am drawn to explore further in my future artworks.