Lorraine Salomon Townsville State High School
Familial Foundation Painting
3 colour Reduction Lino Print


Vertebrae are what hold our bodies up. Mothers are what hold families together. In a composition full of life, the figure is the focal point exposing its spinal cord, showing her supporting the family. The insects flitting around the feminine figure, symbolise the ‘zest’ of life which she bring about us. A bloomed, pink carnation alludes to the love that comes from a mother. The alignment of the spine and tree signifies that she is a pillar that aids in the structural integrity of another life. With contemporary, personal context, my work explores a mother’s undeniable importance in our life.


Reduction prints add complexity to the printing process and invite exploration of colour and negative space


Lorraine Salomon

Lorraine is a year 12 student who is diligent and committed to all aspects of this subject. Technically inquisitive Lorraine does not back away from the difficult processes. A reduction was the perfect challenge to problem solve and explore. Lorraine hopes to maintain her art and art interests after she graduates this year.