Kayleigh Viviers St Aidan's Anglican Girls School (Corinda)
Crib Installation
Work comprises metal crib full of charcoal blocks and 3 altered clocks on wall behind.


Birth and death are stated by time - our entry in and exit out of the world. The unusual interplay of materials and objects ask the audience to consider the fragility and temporality of one's life. The 'quintessential' factors explored in the work can be linked to the notion that ashes can be our ultimate form. The charcoal and dust can depicts the fleeting and transient nature of existence. The clocks are set at different times- such is our inability to stop or control Time. They hover menacingly over the crib; will they be life's friend or foe?


Student sourced crib and clocks and altered clocks using graphite. Then filled crib with charcoal chunks.


Kayleigh Viviers

I was born in South Africa 17 years ago and immigrated to Australia with my parents in 2008. Art allows me to express my inner feelings and thoughts through different forms, which in turn can create meaning subjective to the viewer while looking at the work. I like to explore topics surrounding the human condition, existentialism, and factors such as time that help govern our life and how we live it.