Sophie Noble Ryan Catholic College (Kirwan)
Chemical Hell Series Photograph
The materials included: makeup (mascara and foundation), sunscreen, yellow zinc, oil, hair gel, and acrylic paint (colour of water).


My photographs explicitly explore the contemporary issue of chemical pollution in a personal context by questioning the relationship between human lifestyles and the ocean. The textural use and layering of mundane everyday products, such as makeup and sunscreen, creates a visual sensory stimulus of an individual's threshold for their conscious perception of the underlying message about chemical pollution in the ocean. This series was constructed to share a personal experience about how products we use in our everyday lives can have a catastrophic impact on the ocean.


To emphasise the melting products on my face I separated them according to facial features, ie. the left cheek covered in makeup (foundation and mascara) that dripped down my cheek, toward the neck. Whereas, on the right cheek, I had sunscreen with bright yellow zinc dripping down toward the neck as well. To combine the different textures to the body of water, honey was poured over my face, neck and shoulders as if it was oil to exaggerate the colour and thickness of the “chemicals” coming from the makeup and sunscreen into the body of water surrounding me.


Sophie Noble

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