Steele Doolan Sunshine Coast Grammar School (Forest Glen)
Family Photograph
2D Digital manipulated photograph


No matter who you are, you belong to a family. The importance of a family is that you can always count on them and that they will always love you and care about you. Growing up, you tend to forget about the concept of time. Seeing your parents grow older, serves as a constant reminder of how precious and limited time really is. The cruel, unforgiving reality that the people you love will someday no longer be with you, fuels a drive to enjoy and make the most out of even the smallest things many take for granted.


I photographed my family having dinner over a series of nights. I used a tripod as the lighting was limited.Then using the software, photoshop, I collated them together to produce the final 2D photograph. The photograph captures the event in colour and shows the movement of my family throughout the meal at the table and kitchen area.


Steele Doolan

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