Alexandra Spalding St Aidan's Anglican Girls School (Corinda)
Entropy Sculpture
Sculpture comprising hand-built elements including house, fence and base.


The scientific phenomenon "Entropy" describes the irreversible escalation of chaos in the universe; the decay of order and surge of the arbitrary. My work explores the volatile relationship between man and nature and the restorative tendencies of the human condition. A house stands alone on an uprooted rocky precipice - a previously passive suburban scene upturned into dystopian chaos. Preserving such a delicate home amidst the chaotic environment places the viewer somewhere between instant destruction and uncanny existence. This coexistence of binaries is unsettling, man's thirst for comprehension and knowledge override his ability to feel at rest in the unknown.


The student used found and specifically sourced, combined and manipulated material to explore and represent her concept of entropy.


Alexandra Spalding

Nature is something I am intrinsically drawn to in both art and life. I enjoy trying to comprehend the natural world and learning about the scientific phenomena underpinning it. This reoccurring theme has become apparent in my work which combines my fascination with the study of science with my love for art. Imposing the freedoms of visual art onto the rigid laws of physics has brought me to terms with the ambiguous beauty of not knowing. This allows me to become more forgiving of the gaps in human knowledge and embrace the universes great mysteries which we may never solve!