Nicole Martins Sunshine Coast Grammar School (Forest Glen)
Catching Fire Acrylic, burnt canvas, modelling paste, LED lights
The artwork consists of three canvases- a landscape, bush land with kangaroo, close up of bush land


Consists of portrayals of bush fires in three different stages; destruction, aftermath, and regrowth. The first stage depicts the fire with a mirrored water reflection, creating a sense of aesthetic. The canvas itself has been manually burned to reveal the fire’s glow using red/yellow fairy lights. The second stage shows a kangaroo surrounded by the scorched environment. The last painting utilises the colour green to symbolise new life through the new plants growing on the burnt trees and ground. The blend of the monochromatic and contrasting vibrant colour of the fire and growth creates a powerful juxtaposition of destruction


The three panels were firstly painted, modelling paste was added to sections to create the relief texture eg the tree trunk. With a soldering iron I burnt the sections where the LED lights would be positioned to be seen. The burnt sections also added texture to the close up bush land canvases. The LED lights were different colours, selected to fit with the purpose of the canvas.


Nicole Martins

Hello! My name is Nicole Martins, I’m 16 years old and I'm currently a year 12 student at Sunshine Coast Grammar School. My main hobby and passion lie in creating and expressing my thoughts and feelings through the creation of my artworks, which is why Visual Arts is my favourite subject. I love all things flora and fauna and care deeply about our surrounding environment and ecosystems.