Brydie Murphy St James Lutheran College (Urraween)
Sea the stars Installation
2D medium – Burn Imprinted Ply Board with LED lights


My artwork symbolises the spirit of the manta ray, illustrating the creation story of life after loss. The volcano and ascending spherical pattern represent the ocean spirit – linking to the creation story I was told on the island. The spiral pattern symbolises the earth spirit – associating with the history of Lady Elliot and the current vegetation regrowth project. The likeness to the silver fern – a known symbol of life, growth, and energy – and the repeated volcanic structure, reiterates the significance of the circle of life and reinforces the idea that loss and life are an interchangeable, circular process in nature.


A combination of natural and manmade materials used to symbolise the imbalance between humans and nature. Depth of understanding is demonstrated through the progression and repetition of patterns, subtly portraying the inevitable circular notion of life and loss. I have attempted to develop layers to my artwork, allowing for a subtle impact on my audience. Upon reflection, they are urged to question the fragility of loss and life and potentially look at their personal experiences with a new perspective. I was able to manipulate my use of materials to better reflect the purpose and meaning behind my resolved work.


Brydie Murphy

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