Drake Davidson Bribie Island State High School
Rebirth Tryptich (Regeneration, Resurgence, Reincarnation) Acrylic, digital print, paper cutout.
Iconic Australian animals processing through the cycle of death, decay, and rebirth; accented with bright flora.


There is no life without first death. The two states remain hand in hand in a melodic continuum; inherently, there can be no ground to grow fruition if sacrifice had not taken place beforehand. In the death of one culture, state of being, or life, comes the plantation for the next. This triad explores the juxtaposing concept of such a strange relationship founded by two opposite states of being. From the carcasses of iconic Australian animals – each with their own respective significance in sacrifice – flourishes bouquets of beautiful flowers, succulents and ferns.


Each design was created digitally, professionally printed, and then hand cut with a craft knife. After all the individual layers were separated, they were wedged between acrylic sheets, and mounted into wooden frames. The last layer of acrylic sheet was laser cut to make the background, and then also slotted into the frame before the sheets were polished.


Drake Davidson

As an LGBTQ+ Indigenous Maori man, my life revolves around assimilation from other cultures that are not my own. Art became an escape for me, and furthermore a form of expressing my frustration with having to suppress my Indigenous culture in a different country and acceptance of my queer culture after regression for so long. Through my art I found my confidence, and no longer fear the racism or homophobia I once did.