Tara Naeger St James Lutheran College (Urraween)
The Natural Divide Sculpture
3D Medium – Clay Sculpture Tree


The Natural Divide shows a half alive, half dying tree, with a split through the middle defining each side. The sculpted tree has two parts on top biomimicking leaves, alive sculpted with natural leaf patterns; and one dying made with newspaper clippings, to show the part we play in the process behind the death and revival of nature in our environment. The viewer can take each piece off to show how easily we can take away from our environment, and when the viewer places the ‘leaves’ back onto the tree it shows how our help can also greatly benefit nature.


I developed ideas and representations that could enhance engagement for my audience through selecting and manipulating the median for my intended purpose. Meaning was created through sculpting and manipulating clay to form a tree, showcasing my focus of the positive and negative aspects of our impacts on the environment. Ideas were modified based on how they would fit into the ideas of positive and negative impacts –the design was modified to include removable leaf layers and establish another layer to my art practices, with the added ability to touch and ‘change’ the design as the viewer wishes.


Tara Naeger

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