Ivana Byak Townsville Grammar School (North Ward)
Fatal Attraction Drawing
Graphite pencil, gouache and coloured ink on paper


‘Fatal Attraction’, addresses consumerist culture and its degrading impact on our fragile environment. The low-cost nature of plastic and the convenience factor for users means plastic has become an indispensable material in contemporary society. Our marine environment and its sea creatures cannot survive when the ocean is constantly being treated like a bottomless garbage bag. 'Fatal Attraction' addresses the impact plastic is having on our earth's oceans, particularly turtles, who mistake plastic for jellyfish with fatal consequences. This series aims to confront the audience to question their relationship with consumerism and the rapid deterioration of our marine environment.


Preliminary artworks originally featured solely graphite drawings, with a heavy focus on the realism of the turtles. However, to emphasise the effects of consumerism, more literal symbols of common plastics (MacDonald's packaging, plastic bags, plastic beer holder, straws, drink bottles) were added to the composition. Colour and diagonal lines were then added using gouache paint to create a water motif to lead the eye across the triptych.


Ivana Byak

I am a year 12 Townsville Grammar School student, who has developed a passion for environmentalism after seeing local waterways and coastlines of my hometown swamped with unforeseen amounts of plastic waste. While studying senior Visual Art I have been able to express my disgust for consumer society and the need for changing attitudes towards the environment.