Isabelle Stanley Matthew Flinders Anglican College (Buderim)
埋め込んだ思い出 (Embedded Memories) Sculpture
Paper mache form with collage and hand painted elements, stitched together at the sides and suspended from the ceiling.


This work is inspired by my exposure to Japanese environments and how experiences and memories in selected environments influence self-identity and external/internal expression. My Japanese ethnicity influences my secular values and the way in which I express myself. Exposure to varying cultural factors in the past and present in Japan and how these unite with my current Australian cultural influences. My focus on how memories from natural and built environments reflect and influence my self-expression is supported by media, techniques and inspiration.


The mannequin casting was moulded with newspaper mache, layered over weeks to create a structured and hardened form. The newspaper mannequin acts as the canvas; collage and acrylic paint were used to embellish the form with cityscapes and natural environments of Japan. Finishing touches such as the grommets and yarn were punched and stung to complete the installation.


Isabelle Stanley

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