Oliver Henshaw Matthew Flinders Anglican College (Buderim)
Don’t Skip, Play the Game, Anything but Me Painting
Set of 3 oil paintings with 3D elements


When reflecting back on culture that makes us uniquely human, it is inherent that our increased ability to socialise defines us and in turn, we define what it means to be social. The future of humanity, in this sense, sees the increase of our ability to be social, which asks the question whether or not we have the capacity to be social on such a scale. The age of information has appeared to value quantity over quality; a concept is known as social acceleration. In these three oil paintings I have explored different facets in which humanity has accelerated drastically.


Oil paintings with hand made three dimensional elements. The three images depict personal experiences in the age of information. Personal messages sent to me hover over the landscape, advertising vies for dominance while the smog of social life blocks the view. Inspired by David Korrins, Zarina Stewart-Clark and Peder Blake oil painting processes and aesthetic. The three works create a sense of time.


Oliver Henshaw

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