Lily Fechner Coolum State High School
200 Petals Installation
Clay petals painted black placed into 3 piles, photos of petals in organised patterns


Without the inspiration of the natural world, patterns could not exist. Something as simple as a flower petal can be a fundamental material in creating an infinite array of patterns. Although some elements of nature may have more evident patterns than others, all conform to the Fibonacci sequence, such as a rose. Materials and patterns throughout nature are traditionally perceived as bright, fluorescent colour that grow wild. However, my piece challenges this in a contemporary context by using saturated red and matte black, colours that are seen in more modern, industrialised environments to create 'man made' products of nature.


The petals are made by hand moulding raku clay into individual petal shapes. They were then fired and painted black. I arranged them into many patterns and photographed the results. To display the petals instead of the organised patterns I created for the photos I piled them on top of each other to achieve a random result.


Lily Fechner

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