Ayla Gunawan Ryan Catholic College (Kirwan)
White-Water Painting collage hybrid.
Acrylic, watercolour and band aids on a canvas. Supported by experimental time lapse video 1 minute 26 seconds long.


Life is fragile. I only truly understood this when my family went white-water rafting in Thailand, capsized under the other rafts and almost drowned. In a split second, the water, the world, time itself was suddenly against us as we struggled for breath beneath the rapids. Though my family and I have recovered now, I realised that this moment was no different from every other day. Like the short-term, single use band aid, nothing, not even life, lasts forever. That is why it is important to be thankful for what we have now before it is too late.


Ten Coles Medistrips band aids were each assigned a random creative technique, colour, shape and emotion. They were then weighted with staples and suspended in water to be exposed to disturbances, as shown in the video. The first five to sink or “die” determined the components of the first watercolour layer which represents death. The surviving five still afloat determined the components of the acrylic layer which represents life, painted over the canvas covered in band aids and masking tape. Said masking tape was then ripped off to reveal the hidden first layer, symbolic of the sudden disruption of loss.


Ayla Gunawan

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