Keelie Nicholls Australian Christian College Moreton (Distance)
The Wait Painting
Oil paint and acrylic paint


The Wait explores that period of time where you are waiting for what you have been working so hard for your whole life to finally hatch and take flight. Time appears to be slow, freezing her in place, anticipation growing harder to control with each breath. But the strain of the wait weighs heavily on her head and tired eyes, always watching for a threat. Without rest, she will wait and protect her dream until it can hatch. Until silence is broken and change is upon us. It is in that stillness that we become.


I find most of my motivation and inspirations from things I have experienced or felt. Emotions are a strong driving force behind many of my paintings and drawings and I try my best to complement them with elements and scenes that fascinated me as a child such as gardens and fairy-tale worlds. I strive to embed these memories with the intention to add a subtle sub-layer of meaning to each artwork. This personal sub context lets me paint and create a piece that captures the magic and innocence wonder in the way that I used to perceive the world.


Keelie Nicholls

After finishing school, I wish to pursue a career in creative writing where I will one day publish my own novels. I also intend to accompany this by working in my town's local art scene by holding workshops, exhibitions, and selling my own art. I feel like people learn more about themselves and others through art. Through art, we are able to experience the world through someone else’s eyes for the first time and see exactly what they perceive. Art is a secret shared only between the artist and the viewer.