Isabelle Lawrence St Patrick's College Townsville (Townsville)
Linear Decomposition Installation
A series of 3 cane sculptures and video projection inspired by fungus structure and the concept of decay.


Death is an inevitable part of life and its purpose changes from each living thing. For some organisms it marks the end of life, while, for others, the death of another creates a food source. This work stems from the cyclical nature of death and how fungi are able to thrive from it. These sculptural forms focus on the fungi’s lamellae or gills, which are an essential part of their form and function. The video projection intends to show the resurgence of life and creates movement through shadow and form. When projected over the static forms it is immersive.


Cane structures were built from linear representations of fungus. The sculptures were then used to create a video that explores the movement and shadows cast by the forms. This video was created to project over the forms in an installation, giving audiences an immersive experience.


Isabelle Lawrence

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