Heaven Wilson St Patrick's College Townsville (Townsville)
Hidden Story Installation
A series of ceramic slip cast spheres, from which universal code projects 'Ghungalu,' a language group.


Hidden Story represents my language group. Morse code has been carved into each sphere, showing a universal interpretation of the word Ghungalu. The lights within each sphere illuminates the symbols, projecting the word, a language group almost destroyed due to the stolen generation. My great grandma, part of the stolen generation, drove me to create an artwork that navigates through the past of my culture to the future. Inspired by manipulated Cairns rocks, they show the impact on the land and the forced removal of my own language group. Earthy browns and ochres reflect naturalistic tones and connection to country.


Ceramic spheres were cast from a home made mould. The casts were carved into by hand. The spheres were then decorated using oxides and glazes. Lights placed in the interior project symbols that spell out Ghungalu, a language group nearly lost from the stolen generation.


Heaven Wilson

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