Brooke Criddle Genesis Christian College (Bray Park)
Climatic Drawing
Climatic is a series of three graphite drawings that depict illuminated light bulbs containing or surrounded by drought and flood.


The flood water and drought affected landscape of Climatic emphasises the fluctuating weather patterns in Australia due to extreme climate change. The light-bulbs are each surrounded by a darkened graphite background to convey focus on the importance of the detailed objects and scenery in the artworks. The intentional use of light as a focus forces the viewer to consider humanity’s obsession with progress and the negative impact it has on nature. Climatic blatantly reflects my personal realisation and regret of the lack of early intervention and intends to illustrate that commercial development cannot coexist without the decline of nature.


I took inspiration from Rune Guneriussen's use of light. I utilised mind mapping and explored concepts related to the environment and the changing world around me. The use of graphite, a carbon derivative, emphasises the harmful extraction of natural resources. The imagery conveying a tree and water inside the light bulbs, represents a sense of encapsulation, with the glass depriving a single plant from oxygen and containing the world's diminishing water supply. The illuminated, empty lightbulb surrounded by drought affected land, spotlights how a small-scale issue can expand worldwide. Creating a series of artworks clearly and purposefully demonstrates environmental progression.


Brooke Criddle

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