Jade Leggett Sunshine Beach State High School
Apex Oil painting on canvas
Three oil paintings canvas in a triptych


Water is part of us. The Apex series explores the inevitable link between humans and an element of the spiritual and physical realm, water. The human condition is a complexity far beyond our understanding. Humans are not limited to practicality. The ability to recognize the beyond offers a vision to view nature of our world in a new light and to feel the impact between the past, present, future and those around us. The surrounding environment influences the lens which view life. It unknowingly controls our values and beliefs which we intertwine into religion and perspective. Hence, lost and complete.


Art work closeups reveal techniques involved in the production of the series. Given that the medium used was oil paint, solvent was mixed in combination to thin down paint. Hence, cool colours in respect to warmth were layered on to create a morbid and subtle portrayal of abstract and light, effective textures. I want the audience to feel the romantic spiritual connection from the way it was abstracted. The man and women illustrated separately should convey a sense of loss, which holiness is felt as they meet in the middle of the series.


Jade Leggett

Art is always open to interpretation. My visual lens is a combination of personal and spiritual. I grew up with a mixed heritage of Christianity and Buddhism and I communicate the everyday conflict of my family and my relationships through my practice. To me, art is an opportunity to express those feelings which we choose to suppress for the good of the ones we love.