Georgiana Truman Mountain Creek State High School
Me, Myself, and Who Are You? Installation
A self portrait using ink on brown card accompanied by three glass vessels filled with ink.


Me, Myself, and Who Are You? encapsulates multiple representations of myself and my separate personalities. The spontaneity of ink compliments the expressive style. The work was made through a personal context investigating identity and self-acceptance. Although three personalities are represented they express one person, a collective. The jars of ink in front represent how I put myself on display. The levels are reflective of how important I feel the personalities are to my overall character. The ink in the outer jars combined equals the ink level in the middle jar, showing these two parts make up my full self.


Using a DSLR camera, I posed for a range of photographs. I selected three images of myself, then used Adobe Photoshop to create a composite image. I then projected this image onto brown craft paper and utilized the projection to guide tonal values. Different concentrations of ink and water were used to achieve different values of tone. To highlight the process and enhance meaning I filled three glass vessels with the ink and displayed them on a plinth.


Georgiana Truman

I developed my interest in art in year 9. I have a love for the creative industries and the expressive, subjective nature of art intrigued me. Now in year 12, I have grown a lot as an artist and feel inspired to express myself and the world around me. Art has the potential to be more emotive and personal than words; I have explored this idea in my art making.