Joanna Yallop St Margaret Mary's College (Hyde Park)
Psychological Timing Painting
Acrylic on canvas


My work is inspired by the psychological effects of war on a solider depicting periods of time (before, during and after war). By using acrylic paint I could create a rough picture with incorporating a beige colour palette that was used to illiterate the life of WW2. The beige colour with the faded blue in the background complements each other to further express the emotions at this time. I challenged myself to get the exact facial expressions that the soldiers would have felt/experienced. The representation of memory and history is present through different aspect of the painting.


Inspired by the experience of Australian soldiers before during and after World War 2, expressing the soldiers psychological mentality. Using a personal context lead me to focus on the war which lead me to my inspiring artists George Gittoes and Ben Quilty. I was challenged to try and depict the psychological effects and what soldiers went through. To create emotions for the audience to feel and use their imagination of what life was like during WW2. My choice of a murky beige palette further enhances the main aim of this painting through the tones and brush strokes.


Joanna Yallop

Joanna Yallop is a Year 12 student from Townsville, Australia. Her main focus is painting or drawing, in the context of exploring the psychological and grotesque.