Olivia Wenseimius Sunshine Beach State High School
Lucifer's Tea Party Scratch-board, clay sculptures
One large scratchboard work with three clay sculpture gargoyles in front of work


Spirits are kept at bay. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. ‘Lucifer’s Tea Party’ depicts an encompass of spirits, the three wise gargoyles work as a protection against the evil, scaring away the malicious as Lucifer is guiding towards prosperity to all it encounters. The composition of Lucifer as protector of the gargoyles in positions of the three wise monkeys reflects the belief that sacred spirits take form of things and concepts important to life, such as, rain, trees and fertility in turn steering us from evil.


I drew up my chosen design and completed the scratch board process etching into the surface to create my overall subject matter. The three sculptures have been hand-built and carved into the desired shape of my gargoyle figures representing representing the three wise monkeys . I then glazed these using a silver black glaze to help further portray my intent and overall purpose in my body of work.


Olivia Wenseimius

Growing up in a city, I have always been surrounded by visual art and treated it as an expression of an individual’s attitudes, values and beliefs. Therefore, I have always been motivated to express my ideas and internal emotions throughout my artworks. In the future I aim to develop my style as an artist and use art to share messages related to morality and spirituality.