Lucas Robinson Sunshine Beach State High School
Identity Digital Media
Six A3 size digital media works on semi-gloss paper with overlayed digital image in one overall composition


For millions of years humans have been asking the question Who am I?.....why am I here? I have come to the realisation that human beings lives and values can change on a daily basis, it just happens. Art can create representations of more than just people but rather qualities, values and spirit. This piece creates a visual representation of the artist showcasing the qualities that I strive to share with these influential characters and personal representations of my identity posing the question, how can artists express their own individual thoughts and feelings through the creation of art and media?


I have created my works based on personal importance and influential figures through photoshop. Each artwork is a manipulated digital illustration and an overlay of a digital image is also added.


Lucas Robinson

I love working with all types of media but more recently with digital media in which I have found a strong passion. I have also been heavily influenced and inspired by films as I was growing up; particularly the creativity of science fiction movies. Another great inspiration for me is through music that motivates my creativity and what I believe - there is no right or wrong way in creating art. I believe all art is personal and this is replicated in my own folio of work.