Matilda Harvison St Andrew's Anglican College (Peregian Springs)
Silent Significance Painting
Silent Significance comprises of two oil on canvas paintings depicting a contemporary living room and a still-life of Jabiru birds.


Silent Significance explores ignorance towards cultural artworks and artifacts within the Western domestic setting. The artwork depicts culturally significant artwork with my home and my personal journey discovering and acknowledging the story behind these objects. Silent Significance challenges audiences to consider their knowledge of the history and cultural understanding of the artworks within their home. Are these artworks collected and displayed for their aesthetic appeal? As memorabilia from travels? Or have they been recognized for their cultural significance?


The process of Silent Significance began with the arrangement of my living room which was done a few times to ensure the focal point of the painting was a cultural art piece (as the objective of the artwork is to illustrate the ignorance and normality of cultural artworks within a western domestic home). This was then photographed and painted with oil on canvas. The second painting was then started which followed the same structure of creating a reference photo through positioning and lighting. Again, this was painted onto a canvas with oil paint.


Matilda Harvison

Tilly Harvison has studied Visual Art for six years in high school and has developed a love for art which continues to grow each year. Her work explores many different media areas including collage, oil and acrylic painting, ceramics, installation and photography. Her most recent artwork Silent Significance was her first foray into working with oil paint. She aspires to develop her artmaking practice in the future in life beyond the classroom.