Jessica Urban St Andrew's Anglican College (Peregian Springs)
Impaired Perversion Installation
Impaired Perversion is a multi sensory, site specific installation with paintings, video, audio, lighting and tactile components.


Impaired Perversion actualises the physiological, auditory and emotional manipulations experienced during episodes of dissociative disorder. The installation invites audiences to experience derealisation; the episodic sense of detachment or being outside yourself — observing your actions, feelings, thoughts and self from a distance, as though watching a movie. Distorted audio and animated video sequences, unnerving paintings, jarring lights and unstable flooring enable audiences to feel detached, foggy or dreamlike. Time may be slowed down or sped up, and the world may seem unreal.


I used photographic references of six people illuminated with purple and yellow LED lights to create two of the paintings seen within the installation. These paintings refer to simplified colour schemes and a shape driven representation of the figures. The third painting is based on earlier spontaneous experimentation. The video was created with animated photos of each painting created with an iPhone app called Face Tune and videos I took of my own feet. The audio is created using distorted (slowed down) recordings of my own voice (yelling, whispering, laughing). The tactile platform uses foam strips, wooden slabs, bubble wrap.


Jessica Urban

Jessica Urban is interested in multi media work, digital manipulations and investigations of appropriation. Her work explores the personal experiences of complex PTSD with dissociation as a symptom. Her artwork focuses on personal, contemporary and cultural contexts and aims to invite audiences to respond with empathy, viewing her work with new understanding. She is interested in pursuing a career in psychological research.