Samantha Agace St Andrew's Anglican College (Peregian Springs)
Mother Painting
Mother is an oil canvas portrait of my Mother, incorporating free writing, found objects and embedded images.


Mother explores the authenticity of a mother and daughter relationship. The work communicates the non-tangible aspects of an emotional attachment and illustrates the manifestations of feelings that arise between moments of maternal love. Multi-sensory investigations such as embedded photographs, free writing, perfume (scent), hair, and a fingernail reflect the intimacy, vulnerability, and uniqueness of relationship. Mother intends to capture a fleeting personal moment of motherly attention experienced by the artist. The artwork invites the audience to reflect on the impact mothers have on our sense of personal identity.


Mother focuses on multi-sensory investigations where touch, scent, sight, sound were explored to portray intimate and personal connection to my mother. The work incorporates my mother’s hair, fingernails and images to communicate attachment and relationship. Free writing was used to develop text which is embedded into the layers of paint representing my thoughts and feelings towards my mother. I used a scumbling technique, blending wet and dry layers to create a sense of realism.


Samantha Agace

Born in England 2002, Samantha Agace immigrated to Australia in 2018. Her work commonly features portraiture and deals with personal themes of relationship, attachment, and vulnerability. Agace uses multi-sensory investigation techniques to develop her work which leads to authentic and emotive images. Her approach to painting references American artist Chloe Wise and Australian painters John Molvig and Anh Do. She aspires to pursue a creative career in in literature, design and publishing.