Cherie Trickey St Anthony's Catholic College (Veales Rd and Joanne St, Deeragun)
Explosion Sculpture
A mixed-media artwork that shows the aftermath of environmental destruction caused by war and how it has lasting effects.


War, what is it good for? It has a devasting effect on the soldiers both during and for many years after, with the landscape being the stage for the death of many soldiers. The war scene I have depicted shows the inevitable destruction of the environment caused by explosions, trenches and tunnels all at the hands of humankind. Historical war photographs and videos have inspired the display and the choice of colours when considering the visuals to include. The Desert Rose at the centre of the artwork shows that even with death, life still prevails.


Foam, dirt, paint, wire, a plant, bullet shells and wood has been used for the landscape with a spray-painted layered explosion in the background. The moss has been attached using tinted watercoloured cotton and scrap metal to show the lost history and lives lost. The World War II plane in the foreground has been constructed out of a soft drink can, wood and wire and a Desert Rose plant planted at the centre of the war scene.


Cherie Trickey

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