Archie Holland Nambour State College
Low Tide Installation
Digital photography and plaster casts coated in resin


This work depicts the reciprocal relationship mediating the environment and human existence, suggesting that ultimately, the earth leaves a footprint on us, just as we do to it. I placed the footprints in rock pools at low tide as a metaphor for humanity and to show how we are enveloped and surrounded by our environment. The footprint is also a reminder our impact on environments we inhabit. I displayed the plaster casts in sand to reference my artistic processes, but also to draw links to the origin of my focus.


I created footprints in clay and then poured plaster into these. I then coated the plaster casts in resin and returned the sculptures to the study site where I photographed them in situ. I placed the casts in sand on plinths to emulate the environment where they were photographed and placed the photographs behind them, thus emphasizing their origin.


Archie Holland

My work will be featured at the Old Ambo Nambour as part of our school exhibition. I have displayed my painting for Certificate III in Visual Arts in the Nambour Show 2019 and 2018. My work has also been displayed at Nambour State College's Shoe Box Gallery. My artworks have been inspired for my passion for the environment. I am intending to apply for a Bachelor of Education to teach Visual Art/ HPE.