Lahni Thorogood Nambour State College
The Sign of Three Video
Film / Performance Art


Who are you to be when ‘me’ is not ‘me’? This film explores the concept of identity and the search for ‘self’ we all endure. Three masks represent a different identity or self. Like artist Cindy Sherman and her manipulation of images to create an identity, I have utilised the mask as a tool to symbolise a different aspect of the protagonist’s self. The mask, whether it be for tribal, celebratory or religious purposes, connects the wearer to something greater than themselves. Who do you hide behind? Sound track acknowledgement Hook Sounds "The Ice Giants".


As part of my investigation I engaged in a workshop with artist Juan Ford where I explored the focus of "How does a mask effect ones inhibition?" I produced a series of masks that featured in my experimental film whereby the subjects play of their sense of identity. The protagonist is constantly looking for a sense of self.


Lahni Thorogood

Last year my film "Bridget's Mark was selected as an Excellence winner for Creative Generation and was displayed at the Butter Factory. This year "The Sign of Three" will be displayed at the Old Ambo Nambour for the Nambour State College Exhibition and has also been featured at the premier of Shoe Box Gallery Nambour. My films have also been featured at StuffIt and Hear of Gold, Gympie. I have always been a creative student who enjoys drawing, painting and making films. I intend to study film at university in 2021.