Freya Erlandsson Nambour State College
Kaleidoscope Installation
Digital image printed (stick insect) on perspex. 6 butterfly images of layered and hand cut on wood coated in resin.


Kaleidoscope: a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements. The environment can be compared to a kaleidoscope because it's always changing and adapting. Deforestation, pollution and urbanisation are only a few key issues that affect our ecosystems. The mirror is a reflection of how the community can adapt to our precious environment that is destroyed at the hands of our greed. Although the kaleidoscope of dead butterflies is unsettling it is the symbol of transformation and hope. I believe as a global community we can work towards adapting to our environment.


I began with editing images in Photoshop that I had taken of a collection of dead butterflies and living stick insects. Next I mirrored the images to create a new design composition. Once the designs were resolved I combined 2 designs together by cutting one image by hand into a circle and the other was used behind the circle. I used resin to embed the butterflies into the perspex giving them a sense of flight and permanency. The mirror has also been embedded into the perspex at eye height enhancing the viewers experience.


Freya Erlandsson

In 2019 my artwork was an Excellence winner in CGen and was to be displayed at GoMa 2020. This first stepping stone into the arts industry gave me great eagerness to create and improve my techniques. My main inspiration is wildlife and the natural world. I care for many creatures and they have become my main passion. Through my artwork I want to communicate my love, respect, concern and interest in this amazing living world. By discovering nature, you discover yourself. My work has been displayed at the Nambour Show, Shoe Box, NSC SLC, and Old Ambo Galleries.