Jett Hanna Maroochydore State High School
The Creation of Peace Mixed Media
Mixed Media Framed work. Pastel, charcoal, acrylic paint, spray paint on paper. Wooden and Perspex frame.


The world is forever changing. With change comes resistance, revolutions, adaptations and evolutions within society, all things that influence our contemporary environment affecting our viewpoints and personal expression as individuals. My artwork focuses on the police brutality experienced by people of colour. The hand obscured by the leather glove serves as a jarring juxtaposition to the bare and exposed dark coloured skin, reflecting how marginalised ethnic groups have remained vulnerable to the police. The graffitied peace sign depicts the chaos and rioting, a part of the BLM movement – the red is metaphorical of the bloodshed and anger felt by minorities.


The Black Lives Matter movement acted as the catalyst for this artwork. I derived inspiration from Banksy and Michelangelo in order to make a statement and bring awareness through visual expression. I experimented with Perspex as a form of glass in my hand-built frame, allowing me to think outside the box when it comes to artistic presentation with no budget. I experimented with charcoal as a way to create realistic looking marble background, similar to the Sistine Chapel. I focussed on the conceptual side of art, along with a refined aesthetically pleasing composition, to showcase a contemporary perspective.


Jett Hanna

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