Phoenix Smith Nambour State College
Tempestuous Fragmentation Photograph
Photographic series based on ice sculpture


Art as knowledge is the visual representation of knowledge and experience, we have gained regarding a topic. This work displays my knowledge and experience surrounding mental health. Each individual time based ice sculpture represents a different person, and how they deal with the effects of mental health. Every step that the starting photograph underwent represents another implied level of the mind and lifestyle of each person. The colours of each sculpture represent another implied level of emotion from these individuals.


I created a series of ice sculptures that incorporated flowers and mixed media photographs. These images were taken and intended to be the resolved artwork.


Phoenix Smith

I have exhibited work at the Butter Factory in 2019 for Creative Generation. My work has also feature at the 2019 Nambour Show and 2020 in the Shoe Box Gallery, Nambour. This work will be exhibited at The Old Ambo, Nambour in Term 4 2020. My creative practice has been informed by my passion of Science and Art. I am inspired by Janet Lawrence who also uses Art and Science. Next year I intend to study Science at James Cook University.