Sophia McPhee Maryborough State High School
Weird Tree Sculpture with a digital projection
A mixed media sculpture created from found objects, with a digital artwork projected over the sculpture.


In contemporary high intensity lifestyles, the strange, beautiful idiosyncrasies of nature are often forgotten upon leaving childhood due to the frequent pressures of ordered adult modernity. In looking at nature with a lens of childhood whimsy, we create our own form of abstraction. My sculpture is informed by the personal context while exploring “weird beauty” and sensory experience through childish, playful and abstract digitally-drawn “mirror shards” that reflect my interpretation of beautiful, weird nature. With abstraction, I share my experience with nature’s beauty and encourage viewers to engage the world with fragments of childhood whimsy.


My artwork process began by researching the works of Campbell Whyte and Lee Borthwick, whose own art would inspire Weird Tree’s entire development. Minding their influence, I entered my local woodlands to find the branch and the sensory experiences which would form the foundations of my work. After the branch was preserved and I fashioned paper machê roots, it was overgrown with vivid petals, paint, trinkets and faux grass. An overlaid neon projection of the illustration that hung at its branches in mirrored shards, finalised Weird Tree’s reflection of a weird reality and ended the process of creation.


Sophia McPhee

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