Zoe Barounis Maryborough State High School
Across the Spectrum Macro photography
A series of digital prints with a projection


Both science and art are human attempts to understand and describe the world around us. My artwork titled 'Across the Spectrum' explores the focus of ‘Science’ in an artistic way to create a colourful piece that can evoke emotion within the viewer. Each photo is unique to itself with distinct colours and patterns that aren't repeated. ‘Across the Spectrum’ conveys how colour can symbolise different emotions within the viewer and leave them in awe. The overall piece leaves the viewer in a somewhat hypnotised state as they take in the bright colours and patterns of the bubble reflections.


In order to create my artwork, I used a few different processes. I used macro photography to capture the extreme close up of the light reflection of a bubble. To achieve this, I bought a macro lens that could be compatible with an iPhone camera and used it to photograph the bubble’s light reflection. To assist with this process, I created a homemade light box (as seen in my supporting documentation) to enhance the reflections from the light.


Zoe Barounis

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