Francesca Irwin Clayfield College (Clayfield)
The Materialistic Consumer Installation
Assembled denim of various shades on a wooden board to portray candid scenes from the Rana Plaza collapse.


My artwork is a devastating critique of our affluent materialistic consumer culture. My artwork highlights the absurdity of this culture through portraying candid scenes from the deadly Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh. The repurposed denim a material derived from our discarded items serves as a connection between our materialistic nature and the thousands of factory workers worldwide, risking their lives for our 'convenience'. Beyond the deluxe of big brands and affordability of cheap clothing, I ask you as my audience to question the darkness behind our materialist and consumerist culture. What is its true cost?


Research, develop, reflect, resolve! To create my denim work, I chose my image, manipulated it on photoshop, printed, projected and traced the image onto a large wooden board. I then traced reduced each section tonally and traced it onto tracing paper. I cut out the tracing paper and glued it onto the underside of the denim, from there I cut out the denim into little tonal puzzle pieces. After this I glued the denim onto the corresponding section on the wooden board. After this process I went through and added extra detail and further played with tone and shape.


Francesca Irwin

My name is Francesca Irwin and I’m a current Year 12 art student at Clayfield College. After school I intend to study a Bachelor of Architectural Design at UQ. As an artist I find many of my motivations through knowledge gained in my other subjects at school. For my work I have drawn on my knowledge and interest of fast fashion and consumerism. I think many people can learn from my work. The audience can learn through my work the vast impacts their own consumeristic nature is having in order to improve their own habits and be more aware.