Awards Judging

The process for judging award submissions is taken extremely seriously by VACC. VACC Board Members and Divisional Committee Members have no role to play in this process and this is deliberately designed to ensure separation between submissions and VACC Office Bearers. Judging has a number of levels which start with a criteria weighting score being aligned to each part of the award criteria. These criteria weighting scores can be seen in the application templates on the awards website. Actual judging is undertaken by senior VACC staff who have an expertise in the specific criteria they are judging. Each judge is provided with a pass code into the judging portal and they can only see their own judging scores. When all of the judges have completed this task the program administrator is the only person who can access the grouped up numbers and the final tally. To provide a further level of governance, VACC engage an external standards expert, Mr. Robert Stowell, who validates the judging process and reports on any discrepancies. Mr Stowell also facilitates external site audits that form part of the awards random audit process. This may include up to 30 site validation audits. The only exception to the rules of judging is in the vehicle restoration category and in this case an external subject matter expert is used.